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My Gaming PC – A short review of my equipment

Hi, I’m James. I play on a desktop computer and console. My latest purchase is equipment with components from Intal and Nvidia. I will share with you my configuration because thanks to it I can play games that I have never dreamed of before!
I am currently playing Call Of Duty MW2 at the highest settings and the computer is doing very well. The computer has no drops in power and FPS. Thanks to this, my enjoyment of the game is satisfactory.

My Gaming PC specification:

Weight 13.96
Form Factor ATX
CPU Intel Core i9-13900K
DRAM 64GB (2x32GB) DDR5-5600MHz
Liquid Cooling Liquid CPU, Air GPU
Main Storage 2TB NVMe SSD
Motherboard Z690
Operating System Windows 11 Pro
Networking 2.5G Ethernet, Wi-Fi 6E, Bluetooth 5
Power Supply 1000W ATX 80 PLUS Gold

As for the main monitor for my gaming pc, I use the SAMSUNG Odyssey C34G55TWWR 34 “3440x1440px 165Hz. It is a 34 inch monitor that has a refreshment of 165Hz! It’s a lot and is useful in shooting games.

Some information and my thoughts on computer games

There are a variety of computer games that are available. There are some that are online multiplayer while some are home-brewed. Computer games have been the focus of debate and restrictions. A lot of them feature graphic violence and sexual content. Other games contain profanity or other content considered unacceptable for young children. Parents’ groups political parties, political parties, organized religious groups, as well as other special interests groups all have expressed opposition to these kinds of games. The critics have also claimed that these games could result in addiction.

Homebrew game development

Development of home-brewed games is a booming segment in the world of video games. It’s a kind of ROM hacking that makes use of an application manager. While the creation of these games is typically viewed as “amateur,” it is an extremely widespread procedure. Here are some examples of games made by homebrew.

The beginnings of homebrew development were marked by the use of lower-end microcomputers. They ranged between the TRS System 80s to the Atari, Microbee, and Commodore ranges. Homebrew development was a self-taught process that required programming abilities. This thesis describes the background of developing games for homebrew.

There are a variety of homebrew systems that you can make use of for game development. Most popular include that of the Game Boy Advance, PlayStation Portable, Atari 2600, and Dreamcast.

Online multiplayer game development

Making computer games can be difficult enough however, the addition of online multiplayer is a challenging. Although developers are aware that it’s challenging but adding online play could draw in more players and help increase sales. The addition of multiplayer is a matter of careful planning, which includes balancing cost and time. Certain of the most popular games offer online multiplayer However, not all.

Many multiplayer games rely on central servers that handle user actions and then display the results to the player’s device. Due to their intense competition such games have been the focus of hackers. But, due to their central server design hackers cannot alter or modify the game. Most often, players have to pay a small amount to download the game, which usually includes additional items and modifications.

Development of games for multiplayer generally requires developers to think about several issues including ping time as well as lag and servers. Additionally, they must consider the privacy of players and accounts.

Making an online game

The fundamentals of making computer games begin with the idea of the game. The document should not be more than one page A4 and should contain the game’s genre and platform settings, setting, and distribution model. The document should also contain a brief description of the games’ main features, gameplay and goals for players. In addition, it should include references as well as an USP (unique distinctive selling factor).

Making a computer-based game is not an easy undertaking particularly for people who do not have any experience in programming. There are a lot of sources that can assist you. One of them is an educational software which will walk you step-by-step through the process. The programs aim to help you understand the fundamentals of game design using computers beginning with the design of an idea paper, to identifying the creative team and then developing the visuals of a game.

Game design encompasses a range of factors, ranging from the design of levels to Physics. Game physics, for instance is among the most challenging aspects of game design. Alongside graphics, developing games requires various other abilities like writing scripts and music.

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