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Homescapes Lives & Coins – Hack for Homescapes

Do you often play Homescapes but are missing unlimited lives and coins? We also have this problem … Just wait a minute – we have a solution for it! You must use the Homescapes Hack! Thanks to this tool, you can add LIVES and COINS to your account. We know very well how much you need it! Thanks to coins, you can buy the offered things through the game – in the form of furniture and accessories for your home and garden.

What is Homescapes Lives?

When you lose a level. It takes 30 minutes to fill a life. Your lives also completely renew at the start of a new in-game day. Unlimited Lives is a special in-game reward that you receive for completing quests and events. Or if you don’t win this prize then you can use the Homescapes Hack.

How to use Hack for Homescapes?

It is very easy. On our website, click the GET COINS & LIVES button. You will be redirected to the online generator. Operation is even easier than you think.
Just enter your username and choose which system you are playing on – Android or iOS. After that you go ahead and enter any number of Coins you want to get. Lives are limited and their number cannot be changed. Fortunately, you can use Homescapes Hack several times a day. If you have any problems please contact us. Have fun using the tool, and now we invite you to a short review of Homescapes.

Homescapes – Why this is atractive game?

Homescapes is a relaxing game that is free to play. It was created by Playrix and was released in the year 2017. It’s a sequel of Gardenscapes which tells the tale of Austin the Butler who is attempting to restore his home from childhood. There are a variety of players that are attracted to the game.

Motivational drivers for Homescapes players

Homescapes players are a remarkably varied group. A large percentage of them are active players who are playing up to 10 hours per day. Most of them are however players who play casually to pass the time and typically play for shorter sessions, in short intervals. Homescapes players are mostly females, but there is a small percentage from male gamers. The average player is 38 of age and plays every day at least.

The team of researchers at VisualMind carried out a study on gaming advertisements and game-playing behaviors. They discovered substantial differences between the appeal of the game and the game’s advertising. For instance the word puzzle game’s ad might be focused upon Competing Against Others, while the ads for another game could be focused on the achievement of certain milestones. The difference between the ad and the game may turn new players away, or deter gamers from purchasing the game.

Different types of mobile gamers are attracted by the game

While Homescapes is a match-3-based game but it also has other aspects that are appealing to mobile gamers of all different ages. Gamers who love solving puzzles and stories are drawn to this particular game, and so is the kind of player who likes the customization and interaction within their games. Players who like gaming King of the Hill games are also inclined to play Homescapes due to the fact that the game’s focus on achievement attracts this particular group of players.

In addition to the basic game elements, players can purchase additional power-ups within Homescapes to aid them in completing their goals. The advertisements for the game typically depict players who enjoy matching games, as well as other kinds of mobile games, which include narrative and design.


Homescapes has always maintained high levels of retention of players by retaining 44% of new players within just a day and as high as 94% after one month. This is significantly more than the typical retention rate for casual games at 13 percent. This is in large part due to Homescapes innovative marketing strategy approach, monetization strategy, as well as the ability to engage creatives.

Notifications for the game are an important draw. The game’s notifications and events are updated daily that encourage players to stay engaged in the game. The notifications aren’t overwhelming and don’t seem overly pushy. Furthermore, Homescapes is very active with live operations, regularly including new events in the game. These events increase the game’s engagement and retention. Players love to earn boosters from these events.

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