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About Us – GamesVega.com

GamesVega.com was created with the users of smartphones and computers in mind. Our website aims to provide you – that is players – as much useful information as possible, reviews of games, add-ons, mods and tips. With GamesVega, you can find a game that suits you and you like it. We have a games reviews tab where you can read game reviews. If you want to get in-game coins or learn more about how to improve in-game, check out the games hacks or tips & tricks section.

How many members does our team consist of?

The gamesvega team consists of three people. James – who in the gaming world is behind the pseudonym TonnyZ, Michael, whose internet name is Vegar, and Olaf – CrazyGuy.
How we met? We met while playing computer games. James and Olaf met in Valorant, and Michael joined them together playing GTA V. We are a tight team that lives in several countries. Starting with the United States and ending with Sweden. We communicate in English, but not all of us are fluent – so we apologize for any errors in the text.


What games do we like the most?

We test all possible games to be able to share our impressions with you. We are currently developing our knowledge of android and ios games. There are many cool games where we can share our progress online or play COOP and PVP together.
When it comes to games for computers or consoles, here we choose games with cooperation modes. We like to spend time together and help each other.

GamesVega is a finished project?

Unfortunately not. GamesVega.com is still being improved. The site has a short internship on the internet. We try to make everything as good as possible for you, but unfortunately sometimes something fails. Sometimes we make a mistake, and sometimes it is just the fault of things beyond our control. If you encounter any errors while using our website, we apologize in advance and invite you to contact us! If you want to join our team, please contact us! Have fun!

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