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Apex Legends Mobile – love it or hate it

The game in question is very popular in the world of mobile games. Lots of people play Apex Legends on mobile devices. The more players, the sentences start to get divided. The title of the paragraph speaks for itself – love it or hate it. Apex Legends Mobile has its drawbacks that I think anyone can notice. For some, these are problems that spoil the gameplay, and for others – just small imperfections.

What is the opinion of Apex Legends Mobile players?

As I mentioned above – opinions are divided. The most troublesome problem for players (information collected by our publisher) is too large key icons on the smartphone screen. People playing on small phones have a problem because the keys cover most of the screen … On the other hand, other person who have a large screen complain about the wrong arrangement of icons, which means they cannot hit the icons well. Touchscreen controls in a first-person shooter can be quite tricky. If you have never played similar games, it will be difficult for you at the beginning. We do not have a mouse or a pad to quickly move around the game world. Your “joystick” of movement is on the left side of the screen, while you use your right thumb to adjust the view to the direction.

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What about shooting in Apex Legends?

On the right side there are buttons for Crouch, Auto Aim, Reload, Manual Aim, Hipfire, Jump, Ping and Super Skill. The touchscreen on a smartphone is less accurate than the mouse or controller I mentioned above. If you would like to connect the controller, stay with us and see the paragraph below. Setting a precise shot is very difficult. We have good news for you! Apex Legends Mobile supports controllers! If you have the right controller, you can connect it to your smartphone.

Apex Legends optimization

In Apex Legends Mobile we have a very good optimization. When playing, the frames per second (FPS) do not drop below 60. This is a good result that results in a game without screen stuttering.

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Characters in the game

Apex Legends on your phone starts with Bloodhound, but while you play, you can unlock Octane, Wraith, Lifeline, Bangalore, Caustic, Gibraltar, Pathfinder, Mirage, and Fade – i play Fade. This character is phenomenal!

Is Apex Legends free?

Yes, the game is free. Unfortunately, as it looks in most mobile games – the game has microtransactions.
In Apex Legends Mobile you can buy in-game currency to develop your character. What does it mean? You can buy new weapon skins, knives and everything the game offers. When you do not want your character to look “boring”, it is worth investing in it or using Apex Legends Mobile Hack, as long as you find the right and real one! We do not recommend this type of solution and we are in favor of supporting game publishers.

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