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Top 5 Mods for ETS2

Today we will deal with the list of add-ons for Euro Truck Simulator 2. Our list did not include Truckers MP, although it is one of the top modifications, at the moment we play better in convoy mode.

1. ProMods Europe Map

The mod was created by the ProMods team. If you miss the original ETS2 places to travel, this mod will be the perfect solution. With this add-on, your map in Euro Truck Simulator 2 becomes huge! This modification adds 106 new cities to travel to across 20 new countries, including Greece, Iceland, Ireland, Spain, and Ukraine etc. For this mod to work, you must have all the DLCs that contain the maps. Without it – you won’t play ProMods.

euro truck simulator 2 mods

2. Swap body carrier chassis pack

I had a lot of fun with this mod and it made me spend even more time in ETS2. What is behind the name of the swap body carrier chassis pack? It is an add-on thanks to which vehicle assemblies called BDF are added to our game. We can feel like night couriers driving with trailers, and when we do not want a long set, we can drive without a trailer! This is a very nicely made mod that we highly recommend! To use this mod we need the Krone DLC, which can be purchased from the Euro Truck Simulator 2 library.

Swap body carrier chassis pack

3. SiSL’s Mega Pack – Accessories for the cabin

Another addition to the ETS2 that we are presenting is a diversification of our cabin. Thanks to SiSL’s Mega Pack, in the store we can buy an endless number of accessories for the cab of our truck! It is a very realistic accessory that will make you feel like a real driver. There are over 400 accessories you can use to customize your dashboard. You can bring along a friend, a pet or another human driver.

euro truck simulator 2 mods

4. SCS Trailer Tuning Pack

Thanks to the addition, which is called SCS TRAILER TUNING PACK, we can improve our trailers in any way. It is a nice addition that will allow us to create a trailer personalized for ourselves. Thanks to it, we have access to bumpers and modifications, e.g. from Schmitz and many others.

euro truck simulator 2 mods

5. Big Heavy Owned Pack v2

If we miss heavy transport in ETS2, this add-on is especially for us! Thanks to this modification, we have access to more trailers for oversize transport. We can buy trailers as our own, which is a very good solution. Pictures of the trailers are presented below!

euro truck simulator 2 mods
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