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Homescapes – take control of the house!

In Homescapes, we play the role of Austin, whom we have to help control his home! He’s wearing a bow-tie, a bald man with a mustache who moves in with his parents after many years.
This is the same character that appears in Gardenscapes.

However, here we do not look after the garden, but the house. Completely new challenges await us, although the game is very similar and just as addictive!

Get new home items in Homescapes!

By matching pieces in puzzle games, we can get new home furnishings and various items that we can use! Match three puzzle pieces to earn stars. You will pay with them for new wallpaper, carpet, furniture or a major home renovation.
Although the game seems trivial, it is a lot of fun. Homescapes has a captivating storyline. When you buy new home items, you can see your parents delighted!
During the game you will meet new people from time to time, which will diversify your game.

Do you know who made the game?

This game (Homescapes) was developed by Studio Playrix. It is a company that was founded in 2004 as a small studio, and today has become a quality mark when it comes to free productions for mobile phones and tablets. We can observe it – Gardenscapes, Township and Fishdom are their top titles that you surely heard about!

Can stars and coins be bought?

There are also micropayments in the game. You can top up your stars or coins balance if you want. Homescapes Hack appear in various ways on the Internet, but we do not guarantee that everything is okay with them and whether they are legal.
In the game we are describing, you will be able to decorate, modify the kitchen, garage, greenhouse and all areas of the mansion as many times as you like and deem necessary. Remember that the house is in ruins at first, so you will have a lot of work and opportunities!

Graphics in Homescapes

The artwork in Homescapes is very colorful and eye-catching! All designs are very colorful with friendly finishes. There is a wide variety of pieces, furniture and interior designs that will keep you entertained for hours. The game is not hard. Young and old people will have a great time!

Tips for Homescapes players

We recommend that you take your in-game actions slowly. Solve tasks wisely and at a slow pace. Don’t solve all events at the same time and keep valuable coins and credits.

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