how to be a good valorant player

How To Be A Good Valorant Player?

Do you play a lot of Valorant but your stats are not very satisfactory? Do you want to play better? You have to start with the most important basics to be good valorant player!

Character selection

You have to remember that the more difficult a character to “handle”, the harder it will be for you to play. Don’t pick characters that have skills that you can’t use.
At the beginning, I recommend that you start with characters who offer healing.
Phoenix and Sage are good characters to start with. Sage is already more difficult for me, because a lot of people rely on it to heal others as well.
By placing walls unskillfully (this is Sage’s skill), you can make a bit of a mess in the game. Phoenix is the safer choice. You can heal yourself automatically by using a wall of fire or hot hands. Another useful skill from Phoenix is the so-called second chance. This is his special skill. After using it, your character is controlled by you, and when it dies, it returns you to the previous position – until you used it.


Choosing a crosshair to be good Valorant player

The second thing you definitely need to do is set up your own crosshair. The original game in my opinion is too big and distracts too much when shooting.
The smaller the sight, the better. The color scheme is also important. I recommend bright colors – light blue is visible to the player and very effective.
Do not set large and dynamic crosshairs. It disturbs the game and it’s hard to hit the head of the opponent.

Choice of weapons

To be a good Valorant player you need to find the right weapon for you. Preferably one that deals a lot of damage, but doesn’t have a large bullet spread. For me, the Phantom turned out to be the best weapon to start with. There are many skins for Phantom that you can buy in the Valorant Store.
Once you become familiar with this weapon, making keli will be pure pleasure!

phantom good valorant player

How to improve your shooting to be a good Valorant player?

The game offers us training maps thanks to which we can improve our accuracy!
The second solution is to simply avoid ranked matches, but only play the matchmaking at the beginning of the game. Play deatchmatche until you take first place in the table during the game! When you achieve this, you can go ahead and switch to unranked games, such as ranked games.

Does a good Valorant player wear Spike?

When undertaking spike planting, you must take into account the fact that not only do you have to kill enemies, but you also have to plant a bomb. We advise you to do these two activities at the beginning of your adventure.

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