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Be a good King Of Avalon player!

Have you ever played King of Avalon? Maybe you’re playing but you’re not doing very well? The guide from our publisher should make the game easier for you!

The game has many advanced mechanics. To learn everything and be able to use it skillfully, you need to spend a lot of time. It can take up to weeks! However, we have better suggestions for you – use our guide to become the number 1 player!
First, go to the “event center” tab. Why? Because there are so many events going on in King of Avalon. These are different events, sometimes even several at once. Thanks to this, you can join the event by training units. Often this is the way to obtain gold, which is the most expensive resource in the game. Make sure you check the event hub regularly as you may find yourself involved in something. It’s free and you can gain a lot.

King of Avalon guide

Does using your dragon make sense?

In King of Avalon, if you want to have an advantage over your opponent, you need to add a dragon to your army. The dragon provides an important “buff” to our city, so you don’t want to use it that way? You can use the “dragon shadow” option for this. The dragon will then stay in the city, and his clone will go on a journey with you. Unfortunately, this option is not free … If you have free cash, I recommend using it. Thanks to this, you can strengthen two armies at once, which gives you a great advantage over your opponents. If you do not have cash, you have no choice but to look for Kings Of Avalon Hack. We don’t recommend this option, but not everyone has too much cash.

Daily missions – that’s the thing you need to focus on!

Every day you will get a mission that you can complete. You can earn many activity points for completing them! Even over 400! How do I get points differently? You can earn points by training your units. You get rewards for completing missions, so be sure to check the boxes!

The exchange of goods is also a way of success

Not all resources can be easily obtained. Sometimes we encounter difficulties … With the exchange of goods at King of Avalon, you can take advantage of the auction house, the black market or the market. This way, you can buy the raw materials and other useful things you need. Unfortunately, in the auction house you pay with real money, so if you do not want to spend it, I recommend you the market. You can exchange your goods in the supermarket. If you are short of wood, you can exchange it for food, for example. Remember to visit the black market from time to time. Here, too, you pay in gold, but the prices are much lower. Thanks to this, everyone can use it calmly.

King of Avalon game

Dragon upgrade

You can upgrade your dragon using emblems. You need a level 25 dragon for this. Emblems come in different classes and can boost some skills by up to 70%. They’re hard to get, but it’s real.

How to check your army?

It is very easy to find out quickly on the roll call square. Remember to visit this place every now and then to know how strong you are.

Cooperate with your allies

By working with your allies, you will help other people, and they will help you. Each request reduces the research / building / upgrade time by 1%. When you develop the Alliance technology, you will give yourself permanent accelerations! In this way, you can increase the speed of construction forever and earn rewards for your research contribution.

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