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Need For Speed No Limits Review

If you’re looking to play an automobile game or simply admirer of the show, you won’t be disappointed when you play Need for Speed No Limits. The game features all the elements that makes the series so great with a particular focus on speed, and fantastic graphics. With several options available, you’ll be in a position to choose an option that fits your preferred style of playing.


Created in collaboration with Firemonkeys, Need for Speed No Limits is the continuation of its long running Need for Speed franchise. It’s a mobile racer with a particular focus on underground racing.

In addition to a wide range of races players also have the option of unlocking new tracks, cars, and missions. Additionally, there is a storyline to be played out during gameplay. The campaign mode is comprised of many different levels that each have a particular category of automobile. You can make money and improve your profile through winning races.

Need for Speed No Limits is completely free to play. It’s free to download on iOS or Android devices. The game comes with a paywall to access certain items, like certain colours and vehicles. It also requires an active internet connection.

Graphics in Need for Speed No Limits

In comparison to other mobile games Need for Speed No Limits boasts stunning graphics. The game’s environment is extremely detailed and realistic. The game’s controls are user-friendly and gives a wide range of options to personalize the car.

The game has a large variety of content and is ideal for those who are just beginning to play.

The visuals of Need for Speed No Limits are stunning and similar to the graphics in earlier PlayStation 3 games. It also features realistic controls. You have two options you can control your car, which includes the accelerometers on your steering wheel and the wheel within the iPad. It is also possible to use swipes to turn on nitrous or drifting.


Although it’s a free-to-play game, Need for Speed No Limits does not come free of microtransactions. To improve your vehicle, you’ll require various currencies. The most rare is Gold. It is essential to purchase this currency for those who want to upgrade the gearbox of your car or exhaust, or even the ECU.

You can improve the performance of your car’s components with speed cards. These are available in packs which are available in game. Certain speed cards are great to upgrade the performance of your ECU or exhaust, whereas others can upgrade your gearbox. They also provide random effects.

There is also the option of purchasing time-saver packs. They can be purchased within the game, and they can be unlocked at any level on the list of MP. They will accelerate your progression. Additionally, you’ll be able to draw random numbers, which can enhance your gaming experience.

The races are brief

Even though Need for Speed No Limits is a mobile game that is free It has plenty of information. It is filled with parts, races and vehicles.

There’s a chance to compete against famous drivers in the game campaign. You’ll earn gold, and be able buy cars through Daily Deals.

There are events in Need for Speed No Limits that are just 30-seconds long. You’ll have to be on time to succeed.

You’ll be able upgrade your vehicles, but you’ll need to pay for unlocking certain portions of them. The time required to upgrade vehicles will vary in accordance with the type of game you’re in. In the medium and hard modes, you’ll have to play a good portion of races.

Simple mode

In contrast to Need for Speed Carbon and the previous series, NFS No Limits does not include drag racing. The series instead is set in fictional cities like Fortune Valley or Bayview. The races are quick and easy. Certain races last only few seconds, but others could last for more than 30 seconds.

It is the NFS No Limits game is completely free to play. Players earn money by winning races, or by buying vehicles. Based on how much they win, players are able to invest it in upgrading their cars. If they choose to spend their cash on upgrades, they’ll be capable of unlocking a greater range of vehicles. It is also a lot of fun and is easy to master.

The game’s level layout can be difficult to understand. Certain levels are time-based and others are designed to be car-specific. Some levels include race against other players, or AI-generated characters.

Need for Speed No Limits game review
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