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Royal Match – Logic Game – Review 2022

The challenge of a brand-new game such as Royal Match requires a lot of preparation and thought. No matter if you’re playing the game on your own or with a group of players it’s crucial to understand how to get the most out of it. Below is an array of tricks and tricks that will help you make the most of your experience.

Game mechanics

Like other match-3 games, Royal Match offers a deeper strategy-oriented experience. It’s fun, fast and comes with a variety of extra aspects. Apart from the normal enhancements to power, Royal Match also has boosters to help to get the most. But, these boosters will require more money.

Players have to be able to match 3 or more pieces with the same color. If they do not succeed the game ends and they lose their life. The amount of lives they’re allowed to have is limitless. Earn coins by letting the game generate boosters from leftover moves. You can also join a club so that you won’t run out of lives.

Another feature that is interesting includes the “goal swipe. that is a sign at the beginning of the stage. This is to let you know the goal of the level. Additionally, you can earn an additional reward, like 100 coins in the event that you solve a game.

Level design in Royal Match

Comparatively to match-3 switchers from rivals, Royal Match is fast smooth, user-friendly, and easy to use. It also has the ability to power up, social events and the clan system. All of these components combine to provide an unforgettable experience appropriate for players of all ages and levels of skill.

The game is characterized by a unique aesthetic that features stunning lighting effects. It also includes advanced bonus levels, which are particularly rewarding for experienced players. The player is required to accumulate the most coins possible.

The game is totally free However, players can buy boosters to help them solve their match-three puzzles. Royal Match allows players to save up to five moves prior to using the booster. But, this isn’t an essential feature. It also lets players to build boosters using leftover moves.


If you’re a fan of puzzles or simply need to take a thorough overview of the latest developments in games on mobile, Royal Match should definitely be on your list of options. The graphics are excellent and the music is enjoyable while the game’s interface is simple to navigate. There is a free version as well as an option to purchase a paid version to download the game on either the Android Market or iOS App Store.

The graphics engine in these game is a well-executed combination of the playful and sophisticated. The graphic elements complement the themeand provide a full-on experience.

It is the Royal Match game is made of match-three levels tournaments as well as live events. Players are also able to decorate their castles and gather decorative items.

Royal Match has a unique hand that is in line to the game’s guidelines for brand. As opposed to others, in Royal Match you do not have to swipe or tap the screen in order to navigate the board.

Social aspects

In the initial stages of softlaunching of Royal Match, only a few events were scheduled. The events were restricted to tournaments and live events with only some weeks of play. But, Royal Match has since grown to offer additional events. The events include tournaments as well as gathering events.

Royal Match is a popular fan base across all different age groups. It’s a game that appeals to females and males and offers a great combination of decorative and social gameplay. It’s a huge hit within Canada and the United States and Canada, and consistently ranks among the top 10 most profitable mobile games in these regions. In spite of this, game is still in the early stage of operation. The early data on download revenue indicates that players are happy with the direction that the game is heading.

Royal Match Economy

In contrast to other puzzle games in which there’s only one slow area to explore, this game is packed with variety and speed. There are new level design features like the step-change and the interface and animations are extremely quick.

The game also comes with several options that aren’t immediately apparent. For example, the power-ups are very abundant. Power-ups can be quite potent and are directly related to their rarity. Some are helpful beyond the game area for example propellers.

Royal Match also has an innovative switcherthat is based on the coin-master, as well as the Toon Blast. The switcher lets players save power-ups while moving and is an extremely useful feature in real life. Additionally, it makes it simpler for players to change levels which is a vital aspect of a puzzle game.

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