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What you need to know about Shakes and Fidget

If you’re new to the game or an old-timer, Shakes & Fidget is one game you must test! It’s an exciting, fast-paced online game with multiplayer, in which you can play with your fellow players in classes, races and Dungeons. It’s a blast to play, however, there are a few points to remember while playing.

Shakes & Fidget – Gameplay

No matter if you play on your desktop or on your mobiledevice, Shakes and Fidget offers a comic-style role-playing game. The game lets you’ll make your own comic character. In the next, you’ll travel around all over the globe and finish a number of quests. The quests you complete will earn you gold, experience, and important objects. There’s also an fortress to defend as well as a tavern for drinking at and an arena for fighting.

There are eight races available. Each is distinct and comes with its own unique personality and characteristics. The most powerful are the fighters. There are also Demon Hunters, agile fighters using crossbows. They are also known for their endurance. They also take half the damage.

Other interesting highlights include a clan system and a PvP battle arena. Clan systems increase your earnings and experiences. In the PvP arena also allows you to earn gold as well as respect points.


According to your race You may notice that the traits of your character to differ. Shakes and Fidgets includes eight races available to select from. Each race has its own distinct game style and preference.

The players can decide to be the warrior, battle mage or scout. A warrior is a tough armored class that is broken gradually. It is also an offensive class. When they attack the enemy, they suffer 50 percent less injury over other types of classes. They also have an opportunity to dodge attacks.

Battle Mages are equipped with powerful spells for armored use. They also have the chance for raising the shield. Assailants are the skilled thieves. Scouts are heroes of great power with endurance levels that are high.

Players can play the game on a laptop or desktop computers. The game is completely free to play. However, players can purchase upgrades to strengthen their characters. You can also purchase mushrooms to boost their daily quest limits.

Classes in Shakes & Fidget

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Whatever your character does it is certain that you will confront a myriad of dangerous foes. Luckily, the game offers three playable classes you can pick from. The archetypal swordsmen, the wizards and the dancers who bumble. Each class comes with their own distinct strengths and weaknesses. It is also possible to improve your character’s abilities by equipping them with gemstones and gems. The gems you equip will boost the level of your character by several levels. By increasing your character’s level, it improves your odds of winning a battle. Additionally, there are dungeons to be found in various levels, ranging from easy to difficult. Additionally, you can gain access to dungeons through quests.

The game boasts 18 dungeons. Each has specific rewards for players that include the dungeon badge, the bonus entrance to dungeons as well as some of the most powerful bosses within the game.

Update on the Website

Many players love playing Shakes and Fidget, a well-known animated MMO game. It’s accessible for free, only one time registration is necessary. Players earn gold and experience points, as well as obtain incredible equipment and weapons. Players can also take part in dungeons, quests, and PVP fights with other players. They also have the option of exploring the world of Easteros that is home to famous characters.

The game is played by more than 50 million players across the globe. It is currently accessible for Android devices. The latest Shakes and Fidget version Shakes and Fidget includes a extensive strategy feature that allows players to enhance their heroes in innovative ways. Additionally, the website has been upgraded to incorporate new features as well as bugs fixed. The new website features players can also take part in the guild’s new activity “Hellevator.” Additionally, there are over 20 influencers taking part as part of this year’s Valentine’s Day challenge.

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