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State of Survival Zombie War – Game Review

Hello everyone! Today we present you a review of the game State of Survival Zombie War! The game itself is not bad, we have our own village and heroes. In the game, we are the head of the settlement. You can upgrade this warden, give him some skins and weapons. You can find everything in the warden’s profile. In the warden’s upgrades, you will also find skills that you can choose from while developing in the game.

Characters in the game State of Survival Zombie War

We have quite a lot to choose from here. They can also be improved. We increase his powers with badges and fragments of a given character! Characters have various military bonuses. You will find them on the bar on the right side of the screen. In the game, we perform various quests thanks to which we grow lvl. At the beginning of State of Survival Zombie War, we unlock further parts of the settlement.

Review of State of Survival – Game for PC, Android and iOS

State of Survival Zombie War for PC is available. This strategy game will test your ability to defend your city against zombie attacks. To survive, you’ll need to manage resources and build a formidable arsenal of weapons. To protect your settlements, you will need to build walls or armies. You can’t just sit behind a wall hoping that no one gets out. Effective strategies are essential.

You will find a great soundtrack that goes with the game’s hectic action. It is particularly noticeable when you are fighting against more difficult enemies. It also contributes to the game’s apocalyptic atmosphere.

State of Survival Zombie War

Game’s gameplay

State of Survival Zombie War, a mobile game about zombies, is available. The game’s background revolves around Gigacorp, a company that accidentally unleashed a deadly virus which decimated civilization. There are only a few survivors left after the world has been overrun by zombies. This title is just like any other zombie game. It’s important to understand the trends in order to survive.

There are many gameplay options and difficulty levels available. State of Survival Zombie War has many interesting features, including detailed zombies, weapons, and items. You can also redeem Gift Redemption codes to unlock rewards.

Its visual aspects

Although the visuals are good for a zombie game and the 3D models aren’t too impressive, it has some decent graphics. Although the characters are not very well-designed, the environment is very nice. You can also play the game on a variety of mobile devices. You may experience slowdowns in large battles which can be frustrating.

It has minimum hardware requirements

State of Survival Zombie War can be used on smartphones, but it is also great on a computer or laptop. To get the best experience, it’s best to use a keyboard or mouse. Google Play has a PC emulator that you can download for this game. Double-click the downloaded file to install it.

You can play the game for free and there are no minimum hardware requirements. MuMu Player can be downloaded and installed on any PC capable of running the game. It acts as a virtual Android phone on your computer. You can play multiple games at once, and it supports multi-drive functionality. This software lets you play the game even on low-end computers.

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