Talking Tom Time Rush

Talking Tom Time Rush – New Android Game

If you’re into video games and/or not, chances are you’ve surely been familiar with the famed talking tom. This game on video has been in play since the 1990s, and has become an absolute favorite for many. The game is now getting a new update which you can download it on devices like your iPad, iPod Touch, or even your iPhone. What does the game provide?

Characters in Talking Tom Time Rush

Formerly named Talking Tom Gold Run 2 the new, endless runner game for mobile devices features six of the most popular Talking Tom & Friends characters that include Angela, Hank, Ginger, Becca, and Pierre. The game lets players get special costumes as well as vehicles and reward. It’s available on iOS as well as Android.

The pilot of the episode shows Angela gets angry at Tom’s messing up in the bathroom. She’s also angry about Tom’s affection for an alternative Angela. She is determined to remove Tom. However, she is stopped by a bomb Hank throws at her. This triggers the first battle that ensues between Tom as well as Angela.

Another episode shows Tom as well as Ben fighting. Also, we see the debut to the role of Talking Hank. He’s a friend of Tom’s. He’s white that has blue spots. He is there to help Tom whenever he’s in need and also finds a solution to their gang issues.

Other notable characters from the show include Ben Tom, who is Tom’s childhood friend. Also, there is Talking Becca, a grey rabbit. Becca will not give up. She is an incredibly determined character who always strives for what she is entitled to.

Story of Time Rush

A brand new game is being introduced that is part of this Talking Tom franchise, the Talking Tom Time Rush app can be downloaded for free and provides a thrilling and exciting environment to discover. The players can earn rewards when they finish various levels. The game on mobile is accessible all over the world via both the Google Play store and the App Store.

Utilizing the same auto-running mechanics that created those Talking Tom games so popular, Talking Tom Time Rush brings together all six famous Talking Tom & Friends characters into one thrilling adventure. It is intended to appeal to youngsters.

The game is available to pre-register on both the Google Play Store and the App Store. The game is free to download and lets players to discover various costumes, vehicle and accessories, along with specific paths to enhance their character.

The tale of Talking Tom Time Rush follows Tom and his companions throughout the world to find Crystal. Each character has unique powers.

Game – Date of release

Formerly named Talking Tom and Friends, the Talking Tom & Friends franchise has grown to become one of the biggest mobile IPs in the last decade. The animated web series featured Talking Tom and his friends which included Angela, Hank, and Ben. The entire cast is now accessible in a new game called Talking Tom Time Rush.

The game allows players to pursue Talking Tom across the universe. The auto-runner is a dynamic experience with exciting obstacles, thrilling new worlds, and an endlessly challenging runners. It’s currently accessible for pre-registration via the App Gallery.

Talking Tom Time Rush is the first game by Outfit7 that includes the entire cast of characters. It it is available for download across all platforms. It’s a fantastic alternative to Talking Tom & Friends gaming world and is bound to be a huge hit with youngsters.

The game’s gameplay is easy to comprehend The controls are easy to use and responsive. It is possible to jump through portals to discover new worlds. Additionally, you can collect gold bars to buy exclusive objects. The levels are embellished with theme-based adornments. It is also necessary to find Rakoonz and other enemies in order to advance.


We are pleased to introduce Talking Tom Time Rush, an thrilling adventure game! It’s an exciting and challenging adventure game which follows the adventures of your favourite Talking Tom and his friends in their search for that Magic Gate. It features vibrant characters, colorful environments and an original game, you’ll be able to play this exciting new expansion to your Talking Tom & Friends gaming world.

Talking Tom Time Rush is available for download for free. You can download the game via Google Play Store or the App Store. The game’s action will require you to collect gold coins left behind by Raccoons to gain access to stages. Each stage is different and offers various challenges and missions. You’ll also be required to select an individual to take down the bandits. You’ll have to leap and stay clear of obstacles in order to get through.

The game features a unique 3D graphics platform that incorporates diverse effects across the different universes. You can also buy outfits for your character, making the character more attractive in every stage. If you’re looking to play a relaxing game that you can play across all devices, you must check out Talking Tom Time Rush.

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