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Toca Life World – Create your world and your stories!

Once we have downloaded the game, a window with the start of the game will open. First, we’ll get a free gift from Toca World Life! Then we will be redirected to create your own character.
The character is very easy to create. We have many options to choose from. So we start with building our face and smile, then we have a choice of clothes we want to put on our character. The game also offers headgear – we can put on a cap or even a hat. Whenever we want an eyepiece or some masks – they are also available in the game. Creating a character will take us about 5-10 minutes. After creating it, we move on.
In the next step, we will appear in a room called Floople Friends. We can visit this room and get to know the game controls. Then we build our own house! It will not be beautiful, but the most important thing is that it will be your own! Fortunately, the game comes to the rescue! We can put a bed and other various necessary furniture into the house.

Toca Life World Review – Fun Games For Kids

Toca Life World is a fantastic game for children that encourages imagination and creativity. You can play with the toys, create your own stories and dress up as characters. You can even make friends with a doctor to get a makeover. This is a great game for children to learn about the world and make their own decisions.

toca life world

Create your own stories

The Build stories for Toca Life World is a fun game that lets you create stories and understand the nuances of the world. The game is completely free and lets you manage your entire world from your smartphone. You can manage everything, from characters to locations, by recording their voice and movements. You can also add Toca Life apps to your world. To get your child more involved, click the Toca Life Mix icon to see short animations featuring different characters.

Make your world in beautiful game!

Create Your Own Toca Life World App allows you to create your story world complete with characters, places and locations. You can choose to live in a city or the country. You can personalize your Toca in any location by choosing from a range of items.

toca life world

Explore the characters

Toca Life World allows players to create and customize their characters. You can alter their hairstyles, clothing, accessories, and facial features. Click and drag and drop your characters into a scene.

Make outfits with Toca Life World

Here are some things you need to know about Toca if you’re interested in creating a wardrobe for your Toca characters. You can also create outfits for characters working in various professions like a postal worker. Toca can choose from a variety of outfits and accessories.

Get sunglasses and make clothes

Toca Life World mall has the perfect place to buy new sunglasses if you are in the market for them. Once you have them, you are free to explore the mall as you please. The mall has many secrets. Near the flower shop, you will find an ATM with three emojis. This code will unlock another secret.

The game is a great place for toddlers who love to make clothes. You can shop in the gift-building section and at the shopping mall for different accessories and products. There are many options for food at the main food court, including pizza, sushi and ramen noodles. There is also a Korean-style barbecue stall and a post office.

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