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Township – City-building and farming game!

In Township is a very nice game, thanks to which we can take a break from the problems that surround us and catch a moment of peace! This game delighted over 50 million people around the world – as can be seen from the download statistics.

In this game, we play the role of the mayor, whose task is to expand the town. For this purpose, we sow various vegetables, harvest crops, but also take care of other aspects of the economy. We take care not only of the city, but also of the farm. For this reason, it is not a mainly farm game, but it has elements from games such as SimCity!


Quick Overview of the Township Game

The Township is a simulation of casual farming and building cities. Playrix developed it. It allows players to create starter towns, farm crops, harvest them and make goods. You can also achieve achievements and play mini-games. The following paragraphs provide more information on the game. Here’s a quick overview about the Township game.


Building in Township is a strategy-based game that requires you to create your own city. You will need to have excellent management skills and a lot of strategic vision in order to succeed. To build Township, players must plant crops and raise livestock that can be used to produce raw materials for factories. You can also invest to help grow your community.


Farming in Township allows you to build and farm a casual town. Playrix developed it and allows players to build and create starter towns. They can also harvest crops or produce goods.


There are many achievements in Township that can be earned by players by completing quests. These achievements can be rewarded with experience points and cash. Many achievements require you to complete three or more quests with increasing difficulty and rewarding rewards. The first achievement is about increasing the population. More achievements will be available as the player progresses in their game.

Township review


There are some things you should know if you want to enjoy the Township mini-games. You need to be aware of the minimum system requirements for this game. These requirements can change over time so be sure to have an up-to date device. You could run into trouble if you don’t. You should also know how to obtain an invitation code to the Township game. This code can be shared via Facebook and via email. Next, enter the code into the window to invite your friend to play. After that, the player will be added as a friend to your friends list.


Township game’s graphics are exceptional, especially considering it is a simulation of city building. The graphics and animations are not fully 3D but they are easy to understand and look great. The game features many different types of towns, including unique farm animals and bustling cities.

Time commitment

Some players may find the time commitment to a Township game too much. The game can be very exhausting and requires a lot of effort. Casual players may enjoy the game, but this title is not intended for them. If you want Township Hack you looking on our tool!

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