relationships in games

Do games help build relationships?

Many people have different views on this. What do you think about it? Do games help to connect with people in real life, or not?
In my opinion, this is a broad topic. Why? Because if we play multiplater games, we meet people there that we can talk to.

Usually, chatting on the internet is easier than it really is. Especially for people with some complexes, but not only.
When we have never done it, we will also have a barrier – because what to talk about with a person we do not even know? In games, we have such an advantage that the common goals that the game offers us bring us closer to conducting conversations. How? During the goals set by the game, we have to cooperate with another person, or even several people. The conversation then comes out naturally.

build relationships in games

What games help build relationships?

As I mentioned before – multiplater games, but what exactly? In my opinion, games that do not have a toxic community help the most. So they will be more adventure games, without killing each other. Such games include minecraft, although unfortunately it does not have a built-in conversation option. The second game is Euro Truck Simulator, which has a so-called CB Radio. Thanks to this possibility, we can get to know a person and go on a virtual tour with him!

Are action games a good choice?

If we like action games, communication with the society of a given game is not always nice. In CSGO, I encountered a nasty community. Insults are the order of the day there, which inhibits even more real-life relations … What about Valorant? When it comes to the game from Riot Games studio, the community there is completely different. In most cases, they are very nice and peaceful towards us! It makes the gameplay more pleasant, and when we know how to play Valorant well, it guarantees that, in addition to the conversation, we will be praised!

Praise in games is very motivating and gives us the feeling that we really are good at the game. Thanks to this, contact with people from the Internet will be easier for us.

relationships in games

Do relationships established via the Internet reach real life?

Personally, I myself have a few friends whom I met on the Internet. One of them is even my friend to this day! We go out together to bars, town or pizzas!
The person I met turned out to be very empathetic, and we have common interests. Together, we had a problem with making contacts outside the Internet, but when we left, we opened up to other people. We currently have no problem building relationships in and outside of games!

In my opinion, playing helps build relationships

As you noticed in my post – I have a strong opinion that playing games helps in interpersonal relations. It is hard at the beginning, but without playing with people and without leaving the house, it will be difficult for us to break this barrier. Games give us opportunities that are worth using in a good way! Let’s start with the quieter games or choose the ones with a nice community. You can check the community on internet forums and in the steam community.

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