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Match Masters – Game Review – Match-3 game

What is Match Masters?

Match Masters is a multiplayer Match-3 game. It’s all about showing off your talents and working in a group. The game is unique in its genre that requires collaboration and a strategy for success. This article will go over the various elements of this game including the Gameplay, Earning Trophies or Boosters, as well as Tournaments.


Match Masters is a game that blends the finest characteristics of match-3 and the most effective aspects of PvP. It is extremely fast-paced and has multiple modes of play including tournaments, events, and rewards. The graphics, visuals and competitive nature keeps players returning for more.

Match Masters is a match-3 puzzle game where you must match pieces of the same colour to earn bonus points. Additionally, you can earn extra turns when you get more than four pieces. The game is turn-basedand challenging, and shares some similarity to games like Trivia Crack. It’s a huge hit with gamers on the go it has also been played more than 30 million times.

The game of match masters is played around the match three game mechanics which is where players compete against one against each other to get as many stars as they can. The players must be aware of the implications of their actions and utilize boosters to gain the game and make massive combinations. There are a variety of Boosters that are available to players. Each has its own method to help you get to the top.

Earning trophies

To unlock more benefits in Match Masters, you need to meet certain milestones. It is possible to see the map of all them by tapping on the cartoon characters located at right-hand side of the screen. If you get to an appropriate level of trophy that you have reached, you can unlock different benefits that will allow you to beat opponents.

The first thing to do is earn stars. This can give you additional options within the game. In addition the fact that you can earn stars to unlock other options like tournaments. As you earn more points earn from Match Masters, the more trophy you can receive. Every time you win a match you’ll be awarded 25 trophy. Continue winning, and earn trophies to unlock new features.

Additionally, you can earn Coins Trophies through completing the tasks. Additionally, it can allow you to discover new places to work. Furthermore, if you’ve got more trophies to show, you’ll be able reach new ranks and earn prizes. The process of earning trophies in Match Masters is not difficult since there’s an exclusive generator designed for it. Simply select the game you want to play and the amount of resources that you’ll require, and then you’ll be well on your path to winning trophy awards.


Boosters are unique devices that players are able to use at the beginning of a game. They allow players to score huge points, and they can also take down a large number of tiles simultaneously. To activate a boost the player has to build the charge bar by degrading tiles of a certain color. Once the bar is fully charged it will trigger an effect called boost. It does not affect the number of turns they get.

Boosters are a great method to boost your game and win games. Each booster has its own strategy and impact. Find out the various types of boosters and learn how to make use of them.


Competitions and tournaments held by Match Masters are a great opportunity for players to show their ability and compete against other players. They can be completely free , or you could spend real money and earn prizes. The higher your skill level higher, the more likely you’ll have the chance to participate in one. In contrast to the other matches 3 game, Tournaments for Match Masters is a game with a competitive element that rewards winners with mixers, boosters and other tools.

Players are also able to earn rewards for inviting friends. Participants who introduce new players to join the game can be awarded extra points when they meet a specific acceptance score. Additionally, players can win cash through completing various levels. In addition, players be awarded rewards for watching ads. They are typically thirty-second video clips.


Community of Match Masters Community of Match Masters is an online multiplayer game with hundreds of tournaments, game modes and challenges. It is available for free download as well as play however, there are in-app purchases. The players can play against their other players, or join forces with other players. The game was created in collaboration with Candivore Interactive, a Tel Aviv Israeli studio.

The game is very well-liked by mobile gamers with more than 30 million downloads and more than five million active monthly players. The players compete for game-related prizes and other items. This game also generates an impressive amount of money.

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