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Best 5 War Robots in War Robots

The game was developed through Pixonic, War Robots is a third-person shooter video game which features a live-streamed battlefield with real-time PvP battles that can be played in the Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) mode. With War Robots, players take as BattleTech-like robots and must fight against opponents, while using the power of their mobile device to control the robots.


If you’re looking to take on the home beacon of your choice or flank an adversary in a map with a long range, Gepard war robots will provide you with the edge you have to prevail. While it is a light robot with only a small amount of firepower, it’s quick and squishy and is able to change its position quickly. It’s also adept in avoiding large gunfire.

Gepard is a speedy fix speed of 58 kilometers per hour. It comes with three soft points and has excellent armor and weapons. Its damage in bursts will be difficult to handle however, it can stand against any assault.

Gepard’s speed is high enough for it to efficiently capture beacons. Gepard can also perform flanking maneuvers on its own.


Utilizing this Nightingale combat robot you’ll be able to help your allies in the area and thwart enemies. It’s also a great choice as an opening robot. It could be utilized to carry out ambush missions, or as an armed skirmisher. The ability to turn beacons helpful too. It can also be a fantastic support bot.

Nightingale has a specific ability known as Air Support. If it’s in the air it is able to heal allies in the vicinity. By using this capability it is also able to smother enemies at the safety of. But, Nightingale isn’t able to be healed through roofs or walls. Additionally, it is able to shoot beams of light each 1.5 seconds, which reduces the weapon’s damage.


With its relatively low power and endurance In comparison to its relatively modest firepower and endurance, considering its relatively low firepower and durability, the Invader comes with several intriguing capabilities. It is able to draw the fire, absorb damage and even temporarily harm the weapon systems of enemies. It also comes with a huge health pool as well as additional advantages.

The Invader comes with several fascinating abilities that can help it to accomplish its goals. Incursion is one of them. Incursion capability, for example is a unique feature that lets the bot apply a double-digit damage boost to itself and to its friends. The ability comes with an expiration time of 16 seconds and is able to temporarily disable enemies’ weapon systems or groups. Additionally, the bot is able to perform an electric impulse that is a tiny electric energy burst which deals 40 damage. It also decreases the damage output of the enemy to 75% over five minutes.


In the vast array of bots that are available among the many bots available in War Robots, Falcon is one of the strongest bots available in the game. Falcon has a jumping engine that can jump up to the same height as Griffin. It also comes with defense systems that minimize the amount of damage it takes, which makes it a formidable foe. The heavy weapon it has can be used to take down robots with low durability. It can also be useful in one-on-one battles.

Falcon Falcon can be described as a mid-sized robotic. It’s capable of taking massive amounts of damage. It comes with three weapons slots. It also has the ability to spawn.

Falcon’s special capability, Fangs Out, is an effective way to increase the power of your weapon. It’s a 12 second ability that increases the power of fire, but also reduces the damage incoming by 66 percent. It is also a great way to throw heavy weapons at opponents.


Created and manufactured in The EvoLife group, Typhon is one of War Robots’ most popular robots. A true medium-sized machine It is a jack of many trades. With four hardpoints and an amazing range of energy weapons built-in, Typhon has the firepower and versatility to play many different roles.

One of the most appealing aspects of this Typhon is its flexibility. It can be used for close-range and mid-range tactics. It’s an excellent choice for players who prefer to be a little more aggressive and is also an effective assistance bot Titans.

The Typhon’s arsenal comprises two light and two medium weapons. The Typhon has an acceptable level of firepower but its defenses are thin.


Of the heavy robots, among the heavy robots, Rhino combat robot can be among the most powerful. It is equipped with a shield, and it can construct one. There are however, obvious holes in the game.

In particular, the speed of Rhino is restricted to 5 degrees once its shield is turned on. It’s difficult to move left or right while keeping its shield raised. In addition, it’s hard to protect its flanks. Additionally it doesn’t stop splash weapons.

Rhino is ideal for close-range combat. Although it’s an excellent brawler, it’s better to stay clear of it when confronted by medium-range splash weapons. It’s not recommended for long-range shooting.

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